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Kaawad is a new age studio that empowers storytelling with the power of Cinema, Gaming, Music & Web3
the Studio
In this sense, we are outsiders who are innovating, experimenting and challenging age old formats and styles of working. We believe in challenging the status quo.
For centuries, from tales told in the cave drawings of Bhimbetka, to the drama of traveling theater troupes, through the advent of books, through music, dance and the revelation of photography and moving imagery, we’ve invented ways to entertain, enlighten, and inform one another by constructing stories and experiences.
Indian Storytelling
India’s storytelling culture can be traced to its rich history and heritage, including mythological stories that share beliefs and attitudes with their listeners.
Kaawad is inspired by the ancient Indian storytelling tool by the same name. The ancient 'Kaawad' or 'Kavad' were tiny potable boxes that would be carried from village to village. And each box had numerous stories that would unfold as you opened new windows.
The ancient story box "Kaawad" or "Kavad"
we work
Using first principle and design thinking we start every project with a blank slate. We don't get clouded by the medium or format but focus on the story.
When planning the narrative is where we explore the various mediums. The essence is to bring the story alive be it through comics or gaming, music or cinema.
We then assemble the best talent to bring this project alive. We are not restricted with our own limitations and capabilities. We are always open to collaborations.
The advent of new technologies has enabled storytelling to evolve into a more interactive and participative experience.
A pretty Air hostess on an extended layover in Bangalore has a great time partying, only to wake up with a dead body and no recollection of the night before…

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