Josh is a platform for differently abled athletes who play badminton. It was created to give these athletes a platform to showcase their talents and compete against other athletes on a global stage.


The mission of Josh is to break down barriers and stereotype athletes with disabilities, by creating a league that is as competitive

and thrilling as any other professional sports league.


At the core of the Josh movement are the values of determination, perseverance, and inclusion. These values inspire and drive our athletes and our fans, and make the league a unique and inspiring experience for everyone.

Inviting volunteers, supporters, and well-wishers. write to us at info@poonasports.in
  • Recognition
    Join us in celebrating these super human athletes who have achieve glory despite the odds.
  • Community
    Let's create an inclusive community where people with disability get equal opportunities and respect.
  • Spread the Love
    Come shower your love on these amazing athletes. Join us to volunteer or support our initiatives.
  • History
    Be a part of history in the making. You will be the change elements who will change the course of the sport and society at large.
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